Distribution of Cancer Cases İn Somalia

Authors: Yılmaz Baş, Hussein Abshir Hassan, Cevdet Adıgüzel, Oktay Bulur, Seçil Soydan, Ikram Abdulkarim Ibrahim


Objective: The purpose of our study is to investigate the frequency and distribution of the pathology results of cancer cases at a certain time interval, in Somalia Material and Methods: Total of 403 cancer cases were diagnosed between 01.01.2016- 01.03.2017 in the pathology department at the Somali Mogadishu Turkey Education and Research Hospital and in the oncology department at Uniso Hospital/Somalia University. Types of cancer, the age and gender data were obtained from pathology reports and hospital record systems.

Results: 49.6 % of patients were female (n=200), 50.4 % were male (n=203). The youngest of the patients was 18 and the oldest was 97 years old. Average age was 53.4 years. The ten most common sites of cancer in all cases, in descending order were esophagus (n= 130, 32.3%), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (n=35, 8.7%), liver (n=26, 6.5%), breast (n=24, 6.0%), skin (n=17, 4.2%), thyroid (n=13, 3.2%), brain (n=12, 3.0%), bone (n=11, 2.7%), colorectal (n=11, 2.70%), and soft tissue (n=11, 2.7%). The ten most common sites of cancer in women were esophagus (n=66, 33.0%), breast (n=24, 12.0%), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (n=20, 10.0%), skin (n=11,5.5%), cervix (n=10, 5.0%), thyroid (n=8, 4.0%), liver (n=6, 0.3%), Ovary (n=6, 3.0%), bone (n=5, 2.5%), and stomach (n=5, 2.5). In men, the ten most common sites of cancers were esophagus (n=64, 31.5%), liver (n=20, 9.9%), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (n=15, 7.4%), brain (n=11, 5.4%), colorectal (n=10, 4.9%), soft tissue (n=8, 3.9%), larynx (n=7, n=3. 4), prostate (n=7, 3.4%), skin (n=6, 3.0%), bone (n=6, 3.0%), and stomach (n=6, 3.0%).

Conclusion: These results show contrasting rates of distribution of esophageal cancer in Mogadıshu, Somalia. The very high rates observed in Somalia strongly suggest that strong environmental risk factors have an impact on this population. Making serious and extensive research on the etiology is required. Screening methods may cause the spread of priority. As a result, the determination of local cancer risk factors in the development of early diagnostic methods, the creation of the cancer registration system will form the basis for the project will be developed for the prevention of cancer.

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