The Epidemiology and Management of Maxillofacial Fractures at a Tertiary Care Hospital in a Conflict-Torn Region in Somalia

Authors: Ahmet M. Tekin, MD and Ismail M. Ali, MD
The etiology of maxillofacial fractures (MFFs) varies according to the geographical location and density of the population. This study aimed to analyze the etiology, pattern, and treatment of
MFFs. Epidemiological characteristics and treatment modalities of MFFs have never been evaluated in Somalia. The study included 45 patients who were operated on for MFFs at a tertiary care hospital in
Somalia (2018–2019). Patient demographics, fracture causes, types, associated non-facial injuries, treatment modalities, and hospitalization-time were evaluated. The most common etiological factors of the MFFs were explosion (24.4%) and assault (24.4%), followed by gunshot (22.2%), sports accident (15.6%), motor vehicle accident (11.1%), and fall from height (2.2%) patients, respectively. The main site of injury was the mandible bone (64.4%) followed by nasal bone, maxilla, zygomatic, and orbital region. The most common non-facial injuries of the MFFs were soft tissue laceration (37.8%) followed by femoral fracture (6.7%), clavicle fracture (4.4%), and femoral fracture with chest injuries (2.2%). The most applied treatment was open reduction microplateþ/ intermaxillary fixation (77.8%). Due to the size of the mandible fractures, an iliac autograft (6.7%) was performed. The mean length of the hospital stay was 11.8 8.4 days (range, 1–45 days), and some patients (15.6%) needed intensive care due to severe injuries. This will be the first study aiming to analyze the etiology, pattern, and treatment of MFFs in Somalia. This study deals with the social aspects of Somalia, and it shows that MFFs develop as 
a result of highly interpersonal violence in a young man.

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